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NEW! You can now place your rental order online!

You have the option to rent our standard instruments, professionally set up and ready to play or you can add the bassbar option for a more powerful sounding instrument.  All Instruments come with a Case, Bow and Rosin, as well as a FREE Shoulder Rest and Music Folder for Violin and Viola Rentals (a $5.50 value) and a Free Rock Stop and Music Folder with Cello Rental (a $15 value) and lastly, Free string replacement for all rented instruments!! (with normal usage).

Prefer to rent in-store? Print out the corresponding contract below:

Violin Viola Cello Bass

High-Value Instrument Rental

All of the instruments in the $5,000 to $10,000 range are in ideal playing condition. Selecting the right instrument is a matter of personal taste, preference and compatibility for the individual player. Dr. Zaret is intimately familiar with our inventory, please feel free to call him to discuss your particular needs with regard to high value string instrument rentals.

If you are in the Cleveland area, you are invited to come in and play as many as you like. Dr. Zaret will help you narrow your choices and, if you unable to visit, we will consider sending you several to sample.

Every instrument we carry is also available for rent for 1, 3 or 10 months. Fees are calculated as 2% of the purchase price per month for 10 months; 3% for 3 months and 7% for 1 month. Insurance is 10% of the monthly fee.

Our minimum charge for a high value rental under two weeks is $150.

See examples on the table below for a sample $10,000 instrument:

Purchase Price Rental Duration Monthly Fee Monthly Insurance Total
$10,000 10 mo. $200 $20 $2,200
$10,000 3 mo. $300 $30 $990
$10,000 1 mo. $700 $70 $770

Try Before You Rent

If you are in the Cleveland area, you are invited to come in and play as many as you like.  We also offer Skype! Peter Zaret will play any violin or viola for you using Skype! Call or email us for more information! Call 1-888-VIOLIN2.