Arturo Virgoletti Violin, 1998


Arturo Virgoletti (b.1954) was born in Canossa, Reggio Emilia, Italy to an inventive luthier. His father Olindo was a skilled woodworker and instrument maker and he trained Virgoletti from a young age. As an adult, Virgoletti went on to study with the great Master Ferdinando Garimberti, later apprenticing with Sesto Rocchi, and collaborating with Francesco and Vincenzo Bissolotti more recently. Virgoletti is known as a modern-day expert luthier of the Cremonese school. His instruments are known and appreciated both domestically and internationally.

Virgoletti uses only the finest tonewoods to craft his instruments, choosing pieces with the most vivid veining and then seasoning his selections for at least ten years’ time. The fine-grain spruce front and one piece flamed maple back are testament to his craftsmanship, as is the even-toned, rich, reddish-brown varnish. This violin is a fine example of a contemporary Italian instrument and its warm, rich, resonant tone will engage any serious player.

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