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Augusto Pollastri Violin 1915

Augusto Pollastri (b.1877, d.1927) was born in Bologna, Italy, and worked early on performing menial tasks for well-known luthier Raffaele Fiorini. To help support his family, Pollastri became Fiorini’s apprentice at age seventeen. He quickly distinguished himself and opened his own workshop in the late 1890s. He experimented with Turinese and Brescian models and eventually defined his own personal style around 1906 which drew from Fiorini’s work and formed an integral part of the Bolognese school style. Pollastri’s brother, Gaetano, later worked alongside him and continued the trade after his death. Pollastri’s endeavors in restoration, repair, and instrument dealing claimed much of his time, but he gained recognition for his limited collection of instruments and is remembered as one of the finest twentieth-century Italian violin makers.

Pollastri’s violin exemplifies his careful attention, ability, and refinement – he is known for his impeccable workmanship. His design is at times refreshingly spontaneous and this model boasts balanced proportions and a thick, soft, varnish in a lovely, deep, reddish-brown hue. The wood used is of the finest quality with a one-piece back of lovely flamed maple. This violin has a strong, unmistakable character and showcases his artistic flair. Any serious player would appreciate this rare masterpiece.


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