Azzo Rovescalli Violin, 1920


Azzo Rovescalli (b.1880, d.1941) was born in Crema, Italy, and took up the violin early in life. He later attended the Music Conservatory in Milan to study further after which Rovescalli apprenticed in Leandro Bisiach's workshop, meeting the Antoniazzi brothers and gaining solid training as a luthier and restorer. He also worked for Monzino, and in Crema, Milan, Lodi, Bergamo, building violins, violas, and cellos. Rovescalli trained his sons Tullio and Manlio in the trade as well.

Rovescalli used flamed maple wood of the Po Valley and fine-grained spruce, accented by a vibrant yellow-orange hued varnish. This model is in wonderful condition, with a clear and responsive tone that resonates with richness and color without being too bright. It is well-balanced and is an ideal performance violin.

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