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Charles Bazin-France Violin Bow

Charles Nicolas Bazin (b.1847, d.1915), Charles Louis Bazin (b.1881, d.1953), and Charles Alfred Bazin (b.1907, d.1987) were all members of the renowned Bazin family workshop of Mirecourt, France, being the grandfather, father, and son, respectively. All three bow makers apprenticed with and worked alongside their father, with each subsequently assuming ownership and control of the Bazin family workshop. The workshop has its roots in the mid 1800s and continued into the 1980s, initially reflecting a Peccatte or Vuillaume school bow design but eventually growing closer to the Voirin model. The Bazin family is thought to have produced couintless bows, with records of two or three thousand being crafted annually during the shop's heyday.

The Bazin makers were known for creating bows with a thin head and ferrule, using only the finest pernambuco, red varnish, and ebony frog. This bow features a distinct mother-of-pearl Parisian eye and decorative detailing in the button and winding. Their signature bow-making style enables players to extract a powerful tone that projects well. Bazin bows were much sought after by French virtuosi and were always of unvaryingly high quality. This bow will complement any serious student or professional's repertoire with its responsive voice and resonance.


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