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Cicero Sousa Violin Bow

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The Cicero Sousa violin bow is a fine example of a delicate Brazilian made violin bow.  

Sousa Bows is a Brazilian bow making firm founded in 2002 and with production based in the town of Santa Teresa in the state of Espírito Santo. The Italian roots in this region date to the late 1800s. Sousa Bows was formed by brothers Julio and Carlos Batista and is supported by a group of talented artisans. Sousa’s team of makers has gained international recognition for the quality and versatility of their bows.

Sousa’s renowned makers use only the finest pernambuco and semi-finished German-made frogs to produce their bows. This model features silver mountings and mother-of-pearl detailing with a distinctive Parisian eye. The violin bow is well balanced, responsive, and perfectly suited to advancing players.


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