Claude Pierray 3/4 Cello c. 1730, France


Claude Pierray (d.1729) was the finest of the early French luthiers, though nothing is known about his family or training. He was a contemporary of Jacques Boquay and active during the early eighteenth century, likely influenced by the Italian school and a key maker in the 'Vieux Paris' school. Pierray is known to have pupils and produced many viols, violins, and small cellos but his work was not carried on after his death.

Pierray’s cello holds similarities to Amati’s designs and his instruments are often mistaken for Italian models. He chose only top-quality spruce and lightly curled maple, using a richly hued orangey-brown varnish that is often thick and crisp. We can honestly say that this is the finest three-quarter size cello we have ever heard. Pierray’s instruments never disappoint and capture a resonance and tone that is hard to find.

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