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Dr. Peter Zaret’s Intonation Wizard™

Introducing the Intonation WizardTM from Dr. Peter Zaret!

The Intonation Wizard™ is a unique 3D strip device that allows a beginning bowed string player to play in tune without looking at finger placement tapes.

  • Allows the student to feel where to place their fingers
  • Feels great to the touch, durable & reusable
  • Works for all sizes of violins, violas, cellos and basses

The Zaret Intonation Wizard™ is specifically designed to stay in place until the student has learned the correct intonation. It is also easy to peel and is reusable. This material feels great to the touch yet is durable and will not leave residue on your instrument.

Our Zaret Intonation Wizard™ works for all sizes of violins, violas, cellos and basses, from a 1/32 size violin all the way up to a 3/4 size upright bass. If handled carefully one set of finger placement ridges on the Intonation Wizard can handle up to 2 or 3 instruments.

Price: $5.95