E. Martin Violin, Germany, Amati Model ca. 1900

This is a fine example of of German violin making, an Amati model with fine handmade qualities.  The E. Martin Amati Model violin has Perfection Pegs installed allowing for easy tuning.

Wilhelm Ernst Martin (E. Martin) was born in 1862 and died in 1907. He was a pupil of E. Glasel and worked at Markneukirchen (a famous violin making city in Germany). E. Martin specialized in creating replicas of a Nicolas Lupot model, in which the majority were exported to the United States. In addition, he also created good copies of Cremonese.

Violins labeled E. Martin were made in Markneukirchen by E. Martin and later by his two sons, Ernst Otto Martin and Max Alfred Martin. In fact, all of the E. Martin antique violins for sale are more than 100 years old. They all use high-quality spruce for the top of the instrument and high-quality maple for the backs and sides. All the violins for sale in our shop are all fitted with Perfection Pegs and adjusted for optimal tone by Dr. Zaret and our staff luthier, Brian Doud.

In the 1830s, C.F. Martin, founder of Martin Guitars, entered into a partnership with Charles Bruno. However, the business relationship between these two gentlemen is unclear. Additionally, in the late 1830s, C.F. Martin moved to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Bruno & Sons company in New York c. 1862-1920 originally imported E. Martin violins and manufactured instruments. However, they are known for being an importer of European instruments. Following the death of C. Bruno, Kaman music corporation acquired C. Bruno & Sons.



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