Eugene Holtier 16.5" Viola 2010

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Eugene Holtier was born in Bucharest, Romania and moved to the United States in 1985. He currently lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. Experience with the violin in his formative years paired with previous work as an industrial designer helped him to perfect the needed skills to become a top-notch luthier. While working a day job he took courses and sought advice from other makers while developing his talents. Spurred on by his wife’s encouragement, Holtier eventually committed to the craft. Though he does not play, he has learned to hone his senses of sound and touch to measure the quality of his instruments and consistently achieves both exquisite workmanship and rich, balanced sound. Holtier believes in imitating luthiers of the past, leaving a bit of the crafting process evident on his instruments with a well-placed tool mark.

Holtier created his own exclusive UV varnish and coating formulations that enhance the tonewoods’ natural beauty. While traditional Italian instruments exist in a finite amount, modern makers like Holtier keep the craft alive and can provide quality, handcrafted instruments at an accessible cost. His violins, violas, and cellos boast a rich, dark, and powerful tone while maintaining balance, responsiveness, and playability. This lovely viola, handmade in 2010, is no different.


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