F.N. Voirin Violin Bow

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François Nicolas (F. N.) Voirin (b.1833, d.1885) did some initial training at age twelve with Jean Simon in Mirecourt, France. He went on to join his cousin Jean Baptiste Vuillaume at his Paris workshop in 1855, where he learned both from his cousin’s techniques and the characteristics unique to the Peccatte school. Voirin eventually set up his own shop in 1870 where he worked on developing his own signature bow-making style. His bows became increasingly thin and refined, favoring but expanding upon his cousin’s work. Voirin is noted as being one of the most influential French bow makers and his technical standards and refined designs have often served as a model for contemporaries and subsequent generations of bow makers. Charles Peccatte, Joseph Alfred Lamy, Louis and Claude Thomassin, and Charles Nicolas Bazin were some of Voirin’s pupils.

Voirin’s bows are high-style and boast an unmatched technical prowess. Even in his own day, Voirin earned illustrious commissions, respect, and status. His bows do vary in weight, but are generally on the lighter side and are exceedingly elegant and refined in their craftsmanship. A rich red-brown pernambuco stick is graced by a delicately recurved head, ebony frog, silver fittings, and a mother-of-pearl eye. Everything about this bow is beautiful and exact. It is also a wonderful player with the ideal balance and tonal properties, projecting a clear, brilliant sound. This bow is in fantastic condition and would complement any violinist’s practice.

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