Gaspare Lorenzini Violin, c.1800

This violin was made by Gaspare Lorenzini, Piacenza, Italy circa 1800. The instrument bears a label of Joseph Guadagmini-fece Mediolani anno 1795.

The violin has a two-piece spruce top with medium-wide grain all over. The back is of maple in two pieces with a pronounced flame of medium width running almost horizontally. The ribs and scroll are maple with the lower rib being of one piece.

The violin is covered with a fine transparent varnish of a light red-brown color with an orange tint. Measurments in centimeters: Length: 35.6; Upper Bout Width: 16.6; Middle Bout Width: 11.0; Lower Bout Width: 20.2

$125,000.00. Papers are available


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