Gaspare Lorenzini Violin, c.1800


Gaspare Lorenzini (b.1723, d.1811) was an Italian violin maker, working in Piacenza, Italy. His early work was highly influenced by Joannes Baptista Guadagnini and Lorenzini rivals him as the most important maker in Piacenza. It is believed by some that he likely studied with Guadagnini. Though Lorenzini is documented to have worked as a violin maker for over 60 years, his instruments are very rare today and are highly regarded as prime examples of the Guadagnini School.

Lorenzini’s work is known for its full arching, fine details, and his characteristic red-orange varnish. This violin bears a label of “Joseph Guadagmini-fece Mediolani anno 1795.” A medium-wide grain, two-piece spruce top pairs with a maple back that features pronounced horizontal flaming. Ribs and scroll are maple with the lower rib being crafted of one solid piece. This violin is a rare find and provides a serious player with a lush, full tone and balanced sound.


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