Johann Koberling Viola c. 1990 16 1/2″


Johann Köberling trained and worked as a luthier in Grafenaschau, Germany and went on to become a master maker. Beginning in 1984, Köberling trained his son Michael in violin, viola, and cello making. Köberling also had a workshop in Mittenwald, Germany.

This model is a very well-made modern German viola, featuring a pine top of even grain and a two-piece flamed maple back. Varnish is a warm golden to orange-brown hue, and the instrument is in wonderful condition. Sound is even across the strings and well-sustained. This viola is quick to respond to the bow and boasts magnificent resonance with a full, balanced tone. Wear appropriate to age cannot diminish the fine workmanship of this viola. It is an ideal piece for the enthusiastic student.