Johann Ulrich Eberle Violin 1764


Johann Ulrich Eberle (b.1699, d.1768) was an Austrian-born maker who studied under Thomas Edlinger III, eventually establishing his own workshop in Prague, Czechoslovakia (today Czech Republic) in 1727. Eberle also followed well-known Austrian luthier Jacob Stainer's style but applied his own refined and elegant sense of form. Eberle came to be known as one of the finest Prague school makers, remaining active most of his life and eventually passing his workshop on to his son, Wenzel Michael Joseph Vincenz.

Eberle's excellent workmanship resulted in handsome instruments that were revered as much in his time as they are today. Constructed of medium-grained spruce and maple, and featuring a deep reddish-brown varnish, this lovely violin is a clear representation of Eberle's fine work. The violin is in wonderful condition and its full, even tone is vibrant still. The antique varnish lends a silky look and feel and makes this instrument a joy to play.