John Friedrich Violin, 1920


John Friedrich, New York, NY, Grade No. 26 (3783), Anno 1920

John Friedrich (b.1858, d.1943) was born in Kassel, Germany and studied violin making in Kassel, Stuttgart, and Leipzig. He later studied in Berlin with Oswald Möckel and worked for some time as a bow maker and dealer. Friedrich eventually moved to the United States in 1883 and he and his brother William opened a workshop in New York. 'John Friedrich & Bro' branding can often be found on their bows. Friedrich’s instruments took awards at World Expositions and he became an expert in identifying and valuing rare instruments.

This Friedrich violin is varnished in a beautiful reddish-amber hue, handcrafted using the finest spruce and flamed maple. The violin exhibits an overall balance in tone and resonance and makes an ideal instrument for both the serious student and professional player.


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