Louis Morizot Silver Mount Violin Bow


Silver Mount: $6,000

Louis Joseph Morizot (b.1874, d.1957) was born in Darney, France to an ironworker father. His grandfather – Guillaume Maline – was the family’s first bow maker. Morizot began his apprenticeship with Eugène Cuniot-Hury in 1861 in Mirecourt. He later joined Charles Nicolas Bazin’s workshop and went on to work with Eugene Sartory, ultimately establishing his own bow making workshop in 1919. In 1920, Morizot began training his five sons – Louis Gabriel, Marcel, Georges, André Auguste, and Paul Charles – as his apprentices, with each specializing in a different aspect of bow making. Morizot’s Mirecourt workshop became highly productive and very well-known, growing into an official family partnership – "Morizot & fils" – and then a collaboration between the sons themselves. Morizot won various awards in France and exported bows to America. He and his sons became extremely important French bow makers of the twentieth century with the workshop training many and bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary French schools.

This fine, French violin bow is mounted in silver with a recurved head, ebony frog, and classic Parisian eye. A leather grip increases playability on this round pernambuco stick that becomes octagonal near the frog. It is in excellent condition and displays the marks of fine craftsmanship. Of a medium weight and perfect balance, this violin bow is versatile and able to extract a pure, clean tone. The silver winding and screw are beautifully crafted, along with the synthetic bone tip plate. Morizot bows are still actively sought after for their superb playing quality and will bring joy to modern, demanding players.

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