Mark D. Moreland Violin, 2003


Mark D. Moreland was born in Wichita, Kansas during the mid-1950s and began his relationship with music via piano lessons at age five and violin at age nine. Violin became his passion and during a formative European trip with his father, Moreland discovered that violin-making – not playing – was his career goal. In 1975 he began an apprenticeship under Paul Schuback in Portland, Oregon, gaining insights from Old World French and German techniques. Moreland then worked as foreman and later the manager for the Schuback Violin Shop, later moving to Maryland in 2003 and holding a similar position at the Eastman Strings workshop. Moreland has also worked in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for Robertson and Sons Violin Shop repairing, restoring, and making high-end violins. He has since migrated home to the Pacific Northwest, opening the Moreland Violin shop in Washington state, whose climate allows for year-round building. Moreland has won many awards for his instruments and remains an active luthier who is well-known and -respected, both domestically and internationally. Moreland is a full member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and The Violin Society of America.

Moreland’s works exhibit his obsession with detail, and given his specialty in varnishing, setup, and tone, his instruments are much sought after and prized. His impressive craftsmanship allows for a new violin to embody the rich, full, mellow tones of a more aged instrument, while still retaining clarity and responsiveness. This violin is perfectly balanced in tone and boasts a powerful but sweet voice. It features fine woodwork and lovely tonewoods, varnished with a medium-warm glaze in a brownish-golden hue. Professionals, serious students, and skilled amateur players alike can appreciate Moreland’s high-quality instrument.

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