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Nicolas Augustin Chappuy Violin

Chappuy was a very fine French violin maker.  He worked in Mirecourt throughout much of his life and is considered one of the best French violin makers of his time period.  This violin is well balanced and rich, it possesses a warmth that has become a characteristic of this time period.

Nicolas Augustin Chappuy (b.1730, d.1784) was a French violin maker from Mirecourt, France. He worked in his hometown and produced instruments typical of the Mirecourt masters. Chappuy was a prolific maker and is considered to be one of the best French violin makers of his time.

Chappuy's violin is made of the finest tonewoods and boasts a rich but muted golden-brown hued varnish. His instruments are known for their clarity, harmonic resonance, and aesthetic beauty. This violin is well-balanced with a rich tone, possessing a warm characteristic of the period. Chappuy's seal marks his work which will add grace and elegance to any player's practice.


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