Old Dutch Cello Labeled Johaness Cuypers c. 1775


Beautiful old Dutch cello, great condition for the age with a big, warm, tone.

Johannes Theodorus Cuijpers (Cuypers) (b.1724, d.1808) was born in Dornick, Netherlands (now Emmerich, Germany). It is believed that Cuijpers studied with Jean Joseph Wattier, also obviously drawing from French styling. Cuijpers made the luthier business a family endeavor, training his sons in the craft and creating instruments that were highly regarded and widely sought after. Cuijpers himself came to be known as the "Dutch Stradivari" because of his style and quality craftsmanship.

Cuijpers' signature work can be found in the cello's detailed scrollwork, selection of fine-grained tonewood, and traditionally ample golden varnish. This cello exhibits a large, warm tone and a rich playing experience.

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