Otto Rubner Acoustic Bass, 1938 Gamba Style


Otto Rubner (b.1885, d.1963) was born in Markneukirchen, Germany. Rubner’s father, Josef, started a family bass making workshop in 1885, known especially for large orchestral basses. Rubner took over the family business after his father’s death. What happened to the luthier business later in the twentieth century isn’t known, but the arm of the company that produced metal tuning machines and instrument parts is still run by a descendant of the Rubner family.

This Rubner bass was built with sloping shoulders from classic spruce and tight-grain maple and has a richly hued, reddish-brown varnish. It responds well to a bow and boasts a colorful but mature, expressive voice. This handmade bass features a swell back and provides plenty of volume, clarity, and projection. For serious students and professionals alike, this well-made, robust Rubner bass is an ideal choice.

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