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Paul Bisch Acoustic/String Bass Bow

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Paul Bisch (b.1892, d.1967) was a well-trained luthier from Mirecourt, France who did a majority of his work during the 1920s. Bisch studied with Leon Mougenot and also with Marius Didier at the Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy workshop. He was employed by the renowned Parisian violin maker Caressa et Francias where he studied repair, restoration, and an array of instruments from famous European schools. Bisch then returned to Mirecourt and from 1923 to 1929 he partnered with violin dealer Christian Olivier to run his own shop. Bisch was a dealer in both string instruments and bows and his workshop is known for its fine instruments in the Gand style. He received various awards and honors spanning his career.

This double bass bow is crafted using the finest pernambuco into a fine, strong stick, becoming octagonal near the angled frog. Silver fittings, a leather grip, and Parisian eye set off Bisch's craftsmanship. This bow is balanced and responsive, offering a quality playing experience and the ideal comparison for any accomplished double bassist.


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