Roger Lotte Cello Bow

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Roger François Lotte (b.1922, d.1989) was born into a French family of luthiers, stemming from both his mother and father’s lineage. His maternal grandfather was a violin maker. Lotte’s father, François, apprenticed with C.N. Bazin and worked with both J. B. Vuillaume and Derazey, teaching his son the trade beginning in about 1936. Lotte eventually took over the family workshop in about 1960. Lotte initially followed his father’s traditional style but later left behind his classic elegance in favor of modern characteristics. Lotte remained a prolific maker during his life, supplying bows to many firms in Paris and Mirecourt.

This lovely cello bow by Lotte is a classic example of his work with a characteristically rounded heel, mother-of-pearl Parisian eye, and recurved head. The typical use of fine, red-brown pernambuco in a hexagonal form with mounts of silver and ebony and a black leather grip are key elements. This bow is in excellent condition and features a strong, balanced stick that allows for easy playing. Its robust strength would complement any serious musician’s repertoire, lending tension and elasticity to their practice. Any of our cellos would sing in a typically crisp and powerful French voice when responding to this bow.

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