Siegfried Finkel Double Bass Bow

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Siegfried Finkel (b.1927, d.2010) was born in Markneukirchen, Germany where he eventually married and subsequently studied bow making under his father-in-law, Paul Weidhaas. In 1952 Finkel opened his own workshop in Brienz, Switzerland, where he crafted bows based on  the Peccatte model. Finkel's bows went on to become very popular and his son, Johannes Finkel, became his apprentice and eventually the head of the family bow making business.

This Finkel double bass bow is in exceptional condition and features a silver-mounted, round pernambuco stick with a silver button, wrap, and ebony frog. The full, clear, warm tones achieved with a Finkel double bass bow will always recommend it to perceptive players.