Svetozar Bogdanovski Violin, Veles 2006


Copy of Lafont Siskovsky, Josef Guarneri, 1733 

Svetozar Bogdanovski hails from Veles, North Macedonia. He and his family are the only luthiers in North Macedonia and among only very few in the Balkans. Bogdanovski was trained as an artist but took up violin making out of necessity, to supply his son with an affordable instrument for his violin studies. Bogdanovski eventually left painting behind to take up the fulltime craft of violin making, along with his wife, Marija, a violin professor. Fellow artist Tatjana Miseva is also part of his workshop. Together, Bogdanovski's team has built hundreds of instruments and their shop is world-renowned for their award-winning craft and quality.

Bogdanovski's violin is balanced but powerful, offering musicians a range of tone paired with a clear, brilliant voice.


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