Vladamir Radosavljevic Violin Bow


Vladamir Radosavljevic (b.1971) was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and started violin lessons at the young age of five. He played and studied actively, attending the University of Music in Belgrade and eventually earning an orchestra position. Radosavljevic moved to the United States in 1993 where he became acquainted with famed bow maker Joseph DaCunha. He began repairing bows for various workshops in New York and Connecticut and after meeting Carlos Martins Del Picchia, Radosavljevic partnered with him to open a bow-making business in Brazil. He worked between Brazil and New York and collaborated with well-known bow maker Isaac Salchow and luthier Christophe Landon. Radosavljevic returned to the United States in 2006, opened a workshop in Belgrade, Serbia, and has been prolific since that time, even supplying bows for the Belgrade Philharmonic and the Radio Orchestra of Belgrade. He has also been involved with helping young musicians in need of scholarships.

Radosavljevic uses only the best quality pernambuco to carefully craft each firm but graceful stick with an elegantly carved tip. The silver button and ferrule show off the unusual, translucent frog and its stately Parisian eye. This violin bow’s playability is comparable to any of the old masters and countless great players across the globe testify to Radosavljevic’s quality. It is well-balanced and responsive, making an ideal accompaniment to any of our fine collection of violins and a treasure for any serious player.