Vladamir Radosavljevic Violin Bows

Vladamir Radosavljevic, born in Belgrade, Serbia, started violin lessons at the age of five and played and studied actively until 1993 when he moved to the USA. He began rehairing bows in 1997 and shortly thereafter started to do repairs for many shops in New York and Connecticut.

Inspired by his brother Dragan Radosavljevic, a concert violinist, Vladimir made his first bow in 1999, under the supervision of his friend and teacher Carlos Del Picchia. Making bows to suit the needs of many different players has become the focus of his life.

Master bowmaker Vladamir Radosavljevic uses beautifully selected wood to match his very careful workmanship. Each stick has an elegant tip carved on a firm, graceful stick. Playability is comparable to any of the old masters.

An exceptional example of Mr. Radosavljevic’s workmanship.

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