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William Harris Lee Violin bow

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William Harris Lee was born in the mid-1950s and grew up on Chicago’s South Side. Even at a young age, he was fascinated by the process of violin making. Lee learned basic violin repair at 13, from Manfred Reinl of William Lewis & Son. He later worked with Bein & Fushi and formed his self-named workshop – William Harris Lee and Company – in 1978, situated in Chicago’s Fine Arts Building Annex. Lee began by using imported parts but quickly realized that to produce instruments of the best, most consistent quality, he would need to create various tools and components in house. The company initially focused on making high-quality violas and cellos and have since added violins to their collection. Lee’s company is the world’s leading producer of fine stringed instruments and his brother, John Norwood Lee, is responsible for the arm of the company that crafts bows.

Lee’s team of makers use only the finest maple, sourced from all across the globe and aged for several years before production. His instruments and bows are innately playable, and solid construction allows for a projected sound that maintains focus. Lee’s instruments create a multidimensional, deep sound and are enhanced by the company’s handcrafted bows. This model is a lively player, with a beautiful stick carved from the finest pernambuco. It boasts a strong resiliency and responsive playing that allow for the musician’s sensitivity and artistry to shine through. The hexagonal shape and black leather grip enhance ease of play while the ebony frog and silver eye add classic design elements.

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