Zaret Sponge Shoulder Rests (135 pack)

  • Three sizes fit all violins and violas
    • Extra-small for 1/8 size and smaller violins
    • Small for 1/4 and 1/2 size violins
    • Large for 3/4 and 4/4 violins and violas
  • Contoured – can be placed on the shoulder in either direction
  • Simple to attach to the instrument with a rubber band
  • Ideal for the beginning student due to unique shape
  • Very reasonable cost – $2.25
  • Discounts for bulk orders

Prices are for any/all sizes of shoulder rests

Quantity Cost
10-49 $2.00 each plus $13.00 shipping and handling
50-99 $1.75 each plus $15.00 shipping and handling
100-499 $1.50 each plus $30.00 shipping and handling
500+ $1.25 each plus $45.00 shipping and handling
Residential Address Orders add $3.00

Shipping for international orders extra, please call with your international orders, 1-888-846-5462

There is a minimum quantity of 10.  

If ordering by phone or email, we'd appreciate payment up front.  

If ordering a large quantity with multiple sizes, please choose one size below and then indicate the number of each additional size you'd like in the notes field. (Ex: quantity of 100, small.  "We would like 50 small, 25 extra small and 25 large")

Price: $232.50