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Peter Zaret & Sons Violin

Peter Zaret & Sons Violins offers an extensive selection of stringed instruments and specialty products - ranging from student instruments all the way to valuable antique instruments. We are proud to offer over 30 years of experience serving the musical community, particularly the string instrument community. In addition to selling stringed instruments, we also offer many services including renting instruments, buying instruments, trade-ins, and repairing instruments.

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Zarelon Unbreakable Bow Strings

Imagine a bow hair that is stronger, grips the strings better, does not stretch, and will last 10 times longer than the best grade of horsehair. Zarelon™ Bow Hair boasts all these qualities and more!

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Improving the Sound of String Instruments

In addition to our extensive inventory of stringed instruments, Peter Zaret & Sons offers numerous ways to enhance the tone and playability of any string instrument - including Dr. Zaret’s patented bass bar.

What is a bass bar?

Every string instrument has a bass bar – the wood piece inside that enhances the quality of sound and impacts the volume.

Dr. Zaret has extensively researched specifically the violin family of instruments and has achieved very favorable results using methods that combine traditional violin making expertise with his innovative Patented Bass Bar and tonal system. This bass bar allows precise and effective adjustment to achieve the most desirable qualities of sound in all instruments.

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