Peter Zaret & Sons Violin

Peter Zaret & Sons Violin shop offers an extensive selection of violins, violas, cellos, and acoustic basses ranging from affordable student instruments to those valued at $100,000 and beyond.

  • Extensive inventory to accommodate every type of string musician
  • We carry rare and vintage 7/8 size violins and cellos
  • We welcome trade-in instruments

Peter Zaret & Sons Violins guarantees the quality of every bow and instrument it sells and will apply the full purchase price when upgrading to another instrument or bow provided the condition is substantially unchanged.

Our new line of Zarelon Artist Bows are perfect for any playing style, and feature beautiful inlaid designs on the frog. With four individual designs to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Three sizes fit all violins and violas. Contoured – can be placed on the shoulder in either direction. Simple to attach to the instrument with a rubber band. Ideal for the beginning student due to unique shape.

Every string instrument has a bass bar, the wood piece inside that enhances the quality of sound and impacts the volume. Dr. Zaret has developed a new design for the bass bar which allows precise and effective adjustment to achieve the most desirable qualities of sound in all instruments.

Let us help you get the high-quality instrument you want. If you are in the Cleveland area, you are invited to come in and play as many as you like. Dr. Zaret will help you narrow your choices and, if you unable to visit, we will consider sending you several to sample.

Our proximity to major orchestras and music schools has resulted in considerable demand for high-quality instrument and bow repairs as well as bow rehairs. We have risen to the challenge by providing outstanding service at a very reasonable price

Looking to Buy a Violin? Here Is What You Need to Know

Choosing a violin for yourself or for someone else can prove to be a daunting task. You find yourself faced with a number of questions. Which option is better, getting a used instrument or a brand new one? Do I rent or buy? And with the prices ranging from reasonable to “deplete all your savings,” what is the first step? Before embarking on a search, there are a number of things you need to put into consideration:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Is the instrument for a beginner or an experienced player? And is the player an adult or a child?
  • Is the violin for taking lessons, solo performance, teaching, professional use, school orchestra, gigging or for all those uses?

You can either choose to rent or buy a violin. This is determined by a number of factors. What are your musical and financial needs? Will you have easy access to upgrades and repairs? If you plan on using the instrument for an extended period of time, then the viable option is to buy one. Zaret and Sons, Inc. has a wide range of violins for sale.

When it really comes down to it, the most important thing is to get a violin that you actually love. Never compromise by settling for something other than what you want as far as looks, sound or even cost goes. You should be proud of your instrument. Remember, if music is your passion, you might as well make your long-term investment worth it.

Improving the Sound of String Instruments

In addition to offering an excellent traditional inventory, Peter Zaret & Sons offers numerous ways to enhance the tone and playability of any string instrument.

Dr. Zaret has extensively researched the violin family of instruments and has achieved very favorable results using methods that combine traditional violin making expertise with his innovative Patented Bass Bar and tonal system.

Dr. Zaret’s Patented Bass Bar was a stepping stone which prompted him to continue his research on other parts of the violin including the bridge, soundpost and portions of the violin that are often overlooked.

Every string instrument has a bass bar – the wood piece inside that enhances the quality of sound and impacts the volume.

Dr. Zaret has developed a new design for the bass bar which allows precise and effective adjustment to achieve the most desirable qualities of sound in all instruments.

About Peter Zaret

Image of Peter Zaret

Dr. Peter Zaret, received a bachelor's degree from Juilliard 1963 and a masters degree from Juilliard in 1964 in violin performance. He was a student of Joseph Fuchs during this time. In 1983 he started the business now called Peter Zaret and Sons Violins. This business relocated from Norfolk, Virginia to Cleveland, Ohio in June of 1998.

As a company with over 30 years of experience serving the musical community and in particular the string instrument community, we offer many different kinds of services to string instrumentalists from the renting of instruments, to sales and most any type of repair.

Beyond the traditional services that a violin shop can offer, we market many innovations. Take a look at our Zarelon carbon fiber bows with Zarelon unbreakable bow hair. Check out the Zaret Tonal System which greatly enhances the power and richness of bowed string instruments as well as guitars.