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We pay top dollar for most string instruments. Although we’re mostly interested in older Italian and French instruments, we’ll take a look at anything. If you live nearby and can bring your instrument to the shop, a decision can usually be made within 15 minutes and payment is immediate. If we decide not to buy your instrument, we’ll be happy to direct you to someone else who might want to buy it.

Don’t be concerned if the instrument isn’t strung up or may be damaged. Often times these are insignificant expenses compared to the value of the actual instrument. The same goes for bows. If there is no hair or the mechanical parts aren’t working properly, chances are it won’t strongly impact our offer.

Those of you who live too far away can email us pictures. Send us a message through our Contact page. We can often still determine the value as well as save you time, effort and expense. It’s easy to ship instruments to us. You can call us for packing and shipping information. Email us directly at

For those of you who live in the area, please call for an appointment to make an in house appraisal.

We offer a verbal evaluation for $35 and $75 for a written appraisal.