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  • Dear Dr. Zaret,
    Just a note of thanks for the violin exchange this past weekend. It has made a significant difference to my playing already as I have not had to use my mute and I can clearly tell when I am playing quality notes and songs do sound better. The violin with the tonal enhancement does have a more vibrant sound but I am not at the level where the “sizzle” is not a distraction.
  • I just received my violin bow. I am a beginner with only 5 lessons into learning. I have a rented violin and bow and researched synthetic bow string and found Zaret and sons. I have to say the bow is absolutely beautiful and even though I am a beginner and don’t know much yet, I will say this bow definitely makes a difference in my bowing technique and the sound is amazing. The balance is perfect....
  • When I bought my first viola one from you I was delighted with the robust sound and easy response. It was a solid performer through more than 200 performances and rehearsals with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Now in my 14th season with the MET, I’m glad to own another one of your violas. Peter, your ingenious (bass bar) invention has increased immeasurably my comfort and pleasure in music...
  • Hey Peter –
    I hope everything is well with you. I seriously didn’t think my instrument could get any better, but the improvements you’ve made on it are mind blowing. I can’t believe how beautiful the sound is. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let you know how thankful I am. Thanks soooooooooo much!
    Keisha Cassel
  • “You know, Peter, I grew up in Texas where men generally are reserved and don’t use terms like “wow.” I got my violin today. The notes pop out of it like an old Italian instrument. If there is a better sounding $5000 violin, I have never come across it. Thanks.”
    Perry Combs

  • I can hardly quit playing my new violin to send you this email. I love my new Wolfgang Rabb with bass bar. It is absolutely amazing! I thank you from my heart. I have also printed most of your articles and have them in my “P.Zaret” file.
    Marlee Penebaker

  • “Our granddaughter Reece’s progress since she has been using the Roman Teller we purchased from you with your bass bar is incredible. Her motivation has increased, and she has become increasingly excited about her music. Her playing has markedly improved, and she has won positions in all-county and all-state orchestras.”
    Paul Shirley, Winter Garden Florida

  • “I just wanted to let you known how great my bass with new Bass Bar has been sounding. This is a picture of me recently performing Paganini’s Moses in Egypt variations with my youth orchestra, and all I can say is, “Wow!” My 1807 Hornstainer filled the hall with no amplification while maintaining its warm, deep tone. Even the harmonics were clear from the back of the hall. Thanks...
  • “Our 8th grade daughter, Libby, competed at the DEMTA (Douglas-Elbert Counties Music Teachers Association) competition last weekend. She came in first place, but I thought you would especially enjoy the note the judge wrote at the bottom of the judging sheet: “Nice sounding cello!” Aaah, but we already knew that, didn’t we? Thanks again for your totally awesome bass bar.”
  • “We are amazed at the quality of sound that comes from Maggie’s violin considering its relative affordability. People in our situation are most appreciative of your ingenuity – we have a terrific young musician but a limited income. Before we learned about your violins and bass bar we had no idea we’d be able to afford the quality instrument our teacher was insisting Maggie...
  • Dear Peter,
    What a Genius you are! Thank you so much for putting your latest bass bar improvement in my viola and violin. The viola is dramatically improved: more power, more even tone, more depth of tone, the A string which tends to be nasal in tone on most larger violas is much more beautiful, and has much greater ease of playing.
    The violin which was shrill from top to bottom when I sent it...
  • Peter, I can’t tell you enough how enjoyable the 1831 Pasquale Ventapane violin is and what pleasure it gives William to play it. The violin sounded truly outstanding at the suburban symphony concert and brought many comments from the symphony’s violinists!…Your bass bar is truly genius.
    Bill and Dr. Debra Shaub, William’s parents

  • Hi Peter,
    The violin has improved so much, far more than I expected. My Canone now sounds as good as a Guarneri del Gesu, maybe even better. Do you agree? … If there would be an orchestra of string players all having your bass bar, how would it sound? Maybe we will know in the next few years when more musicians will take the “risk” to send their violin to you! Thank you again,
  • Dear Dr. Zaret,
    I want to thank you again for the magic you’ve worked on my violin. I will probably never understand the science behind what you do. The upper register is clear and brilliant without being brassy, the lower register warm and full and much more responsive than before. I’m so grateful for the work you’ve done! You are a gifted artist and generous person, and we are...
  • Dear Peter,
    The Hammig is superb. It responds instantly on all strings and I totally believe you when say that it is as good as any Strad. This violin has excellent wood and is beautifully crafted, but it was a mystery to me why it was so poor on sound.
    From time to time there are discourses on ‘acoustics and the violin’ in the Strad Magazine with various theories put forward and hashed...
  • Dear Dr. Zaret,
    I just received the old German and the Bulgarian violins you retrofitted. The change is amazing! The old German with its small and narrow and extremely boring sound has been transformed completely. Now it has power, brilliancy and deepness. You have made a jewel from it! And the Bulgarian finally sounds even in all the registers. To say Thank you is not enough! Many thanks and regards...
  • No doubt, you must be tired of people praising your bass bars, but nevertheless I felt that I should express both my admiration and my gratitude. When I wrote to you initially I said that I was amazed at the recordings you had made on violins for students and serious players, but now that have retrofitted my violin, I realize what your bass bar actually does for a violin: The dynamic range from pianissimo...
  • Dr. Zaret,
    Enclosed is a check for another one of your lovely cellos with your bass bar. Thank you for sharing your time and giving me advice on performance careers…We so appreciate your instrument genius. Art can never go forward unless rules are broken & our fears are faced, would you agree?
    Ann Hymel
  • I’m just writing to tell you I received the bow yesterday. It looks great, sounds great and I love it! I will probably be ordering hair hanks when I start making bows in a few months (I’m finishing my first violin now and it’s my next step). I’ll be contacting you then.

    Joaquin Jares (Argentina)

  • The Zarelon is really fantastic! Congratulations on this great invention. It has a big sound, great articulation, and a very smooth feel.
    Garrett Fischbach
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  • “Dr. Zaret has created a concept with his newly developed Zarelon bow hair. Unlike traditional horsehair, this synthetic type hair will not break, stretch or be adversely affected by weather conditions. The need for periodic bow rehairs is virtually nonexistent. Its gripping qualities on the bass is incredible even using violin rosin. Peter Zaret has once again devised another concept in...
  • Miran Kojian is the former concertmaster of the National Symphony of Washington D.C. and is credited on hundreds of recordings for major movies and musicians.

    Very good, I like the clarity of the sound, evenness of sound from one end to the other, articulates well in the spiccatto, and quite expressive. Mind you I am playing on a totally new bow, I like the feel in the hand, good feel and give...
  • Hi Peter,
    Yes, I like the new sound! It’s really terrific. I can really push it louder & louder without the tone “cracking” on me. The sound is now very even and clear in places I hadn’t even realized were fuzzy before. A huge improvement. I have the tone, now, that I’ve always wanted from this violin. Also, the responsiveness is much faster and more precise; I...