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Review for a DZ Strad Violin and Two Bows

Greetings again Peter,
   I wanted to let you know that my DZ Strad violin and the 2 bows arrived safely yesterday and I am very very pleased.  I commend you on your persistence to improve the tone on this mediocre 7/8 violin because you definitely improved the sound even more this time around. I am so happy with your work and your customer service that I will be
sending you my favorite violin of all time....a bench made Gliga 7/8 violin for you to improve on its sound as well.  This violin to me has a beautiful tone already but I would not mind to have it sound even better.  Mostly I would like more volume but I believe you will notice that it is a much better quality violin overall than the DZ Strad you just worked on for me.  I also want to say that all 3 of the bows that you re-haired with Zarelon (even though they didn't need re-hairing yet) have improved all 3 of them, especially my Arcus bows!  I love everything about the Zarelon!  I can sing praises for your invention of this product for it is truly amazing.  I will email the UPS tracking number on my Gliga as soon as I ship it.
Thank you so much for your amazing improvement on my violin and bows!!
Regards, Cynthia Chevrier