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Tonal Enhancement

Patented Bass Bar for Bowed Stringed Instruments

Every stringed instrument has a bass bar, the wood piece inside that enhances the quality of sound and impacts the volume. Dr. Zaret has developed a new design for the bass bar which allows precise and effective adjustment to achieve the most desirable qualities of sound in all bowed stringed instruments.

  • Violins – big, brilliant, deep, rich tone
  • Violas – deep warm tone, excellent power, easy response
  • Cellos – deeper sound on lower strings, more sizzle and power
  • Basses – deep, booming sound with great power and response

Bass Bar Installation Prices:

  • Violins: $750*
  • Violas: $1,000*
  • Cellos: $1,500*
  • Basses: $2,000*

*Or 10% of the value of the instrument, whichever is greater

Customer Review of Bass Bar

“I tried your violin with your Bass Bar invention and it has an extraordinarily vibrant sound.” ~ Isaac Stern, internationally renowned violin soloist and recording artist

Hear the Difference

Below are mp3 files of recordings we made of cellos, both with and without the patented bass bar:

Nicolae Bistrita, no bass bar:

 Nicolae Bistrita, with Bass Bar:

 Simi Coni, no Bass Bar:

 Simi Coni, with Bass Bar:

 Sino Coetaneo, no Bass Bar:

 Sino Coetaneo, with Bass Bar:

 Gheorge Tirvana, no Bass Bar:

 Gheorge Tirvana, with Bass Bar: