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Bow Repair and Rehair

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Pricing for Bow Rehair with Zarelon ™ Unbreakable Bow Hair

  • Violin & viola bow: $60
  • Cello & bass bow: $70

Pricing for Bow Rehair with Horsehair

  • Violin & viola bow: $70
  • Cello & bass bow: $80

Pricing for Bow Rehair While You Wait

Our expert instrument technicians have mastered the art of rehairing bows in about 10 minutes! If you visit our shop and want your bow rehaired immediately while you wait, the pricing is as follows:

  • Violin & viola bow: $95
  • Cello & bass bow: $105

Note: Out-of-area customers add $10 per bow for handling, plus shipping. (We normally ship with USPS Priority Mail, if you'd like your bow shipped with another service please inform us when you contact us.)

When your bow is received it will be rehaired with either horsehair or Zarelon™ and mailed back within a week for U.S. customers. Longer time is required for international clients. Our trained professionals ensure the highest quality bow rehair and repairs. We also have inventory of high-end bows with your choice of bow hair. View our selection of fine bows.

Pricing for Bow Repair Services Available With the Purchase of a Rehair

  • Repair bow tip with artificial bone +$10
  • Repair bow tip with high grade bone +$120
  • Repair nickel silver wrap +$65
  • Repair silver wire wrap +$95
  • Repair leather grip +$35
  • Repair mother-of-pearl bow slide +$55

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