Retrofitting Process

We retrofit pre-existing violins, violas, cellos and basses with my bass bar extension and my bassbar. In the case of violins, cellos and basses the retrofitting is done without opening the instrument. There is absolutely no surgery involved. The work is done through the f holes with glue and clamps. There is absolutely nothing removed from the instrument.

In most cases the results achieved with my bassbar and bassbar extension exceed the highest expectations. In the unlikely event the customer is not happy, the instrument can be restored to its original condition by removing the bassbar extension from the outside through the f holes, once again without surgery. It is restored EXACTLY as it was in the first place, and the customer’s money is refunded in its entirety. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The tonal results are as follows: more power, deeper tone on the G string and more brilliant tone on the E string, no wolf tones, more evenness, easier response, clearer tone, more resonance & a warm, rich and at the same time a more sizzling sound is achieved.

Retrofitting Violas

With violas it is occasionally necessary to open the instrument.  All violas under 21" in body length (to the best of our knowledge, there are no violoas available today larger than 18" in body length) are too small for their acoustical range. Therefore, extra steps are necessary with these instruments. However, in these violas, as with the violins, cellos, and basses, there is no wood or any other material removed from the original design.

We absolutely do not regraduate anything.