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Zarelon™ Bow Hair

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Imagine a bow hair that is stronger, grips the strings better, does not stretch, and will last 10 times longer than the best grade of horsehair. Zarelon™ Bow Hair boasts all these qualities and more!

The Future of Bowed Stringed Instruments

For hundreds of years, string players have used the best equipment at their disposal. While instrument makers have found it extremely difficult to replicate instruments made by the Italian masters to the same level of perfection, strings used today on those instruments resemble little what they were when Stradivarius finished his last masterpiece. The animal gut used in the past has been abandoned to better alternatives like steel and synthetics such as Perlon.

Zarelon™ bow hair is vastly superior to traditional horsehair. Consider some key benefits:

  • Better grip for a bigger sound
  • No stretching or breaking
  • Unaffected by moisture, humidity, and temperature
  • Won't expand in the summer or contract in the winter
  • Will never need to be rehaired
  • Easier playing
  • Does not oxidize or attract finger oil
  • Better consistency
  • Any bow can use Zarelon™
  • Zarelon™ rehairs the same as horsehair
  • Takes rosin easier than horsehair
  • Impervious to insects
  • 5-year warranty
  • Available in seven vibrant colors

Immediately Enhance Your Playing with Zarelon™ Bow Hair

A bow with Zarelon™ is so durable, it will never need a rehair. Zarelon™ bow hair is the future of bowed string instruments! Contact us today to rehair your existing bow with Zarelon™ or purchase one of our new or refurbished Zarelon™ bows on our website.

International Customers: To purchase Zarelon™ bow hair, please email us at info@zaretandsonsviolins.com.