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Refurbished Zarelon™ Bows

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Side-by-side comparison of a traditional horsehair bow versus a Zarelon bow

Benefits of Zarelon™ Acoustic Bow Hair

  • Better grip for a bigger sound
  • No stretching or breaking
  • Unaffected by moisture, humidity, and temperature
  • Won't expand in the summer or contract in the winter
  • Easier playing
  • Does not oxidize or attract finger oil
  • Better consistency
  • Rehairs the same as horsehair
  • Takes rosin easier than horsehair
  • Impervious to insects

Zarelon bow hair displayed in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple

Refurbished Carboni Bows with Zarelon™ Bow Hair for Sale

We offer refurbished “Carboni” brand carbon fiber bows with Zarelon™ acoustic bow hair at an affordable price for violins, violas, cellos, and acoustic basses. Available in white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple. When you place your order, please indicate your preferred color. If no color preference is indicated, we will ship the bow with the white color.

NOTE: Prices are for continental U.S. customers only. For international customers, bulk orders, or dealer inquiries, please email or call us with your order.

We also repair and rehair bows. Here is a list of our prices.

Testimonial From Professional Violinist & Former Concertmaster Miran Kojian

Below is an email we received from professional violinist Miran Kojian. He is the former concertmaster of the National Symphony of Washington D.C. and is credited on hundreds of recordings for major movies and musicians.

I like the clarity of the sound, evenness of sound from one end to the other, articulates well in the spiccatto, and quite expressive. Mind you I am playing on a totally new bow, I like the feel in the hand, good feel and give in the expressive passages, although it is 60gr. it fulfills well in the ff passages.

Comparing with my Persois and Maire bows so far, I hear the difference in the overall warmth character of the sound, but value the clarity of the sound that is probably combined from the stick and the hair, I will have to rehair some of my bows soon to know better the quality of the hair.I am very impressed of qualities that are coming out of the hair, CONGRATULATIONS, I think you have come out of something that is very impressive.

Thank you very much for sending it to me, I will also experiment with different rosins. and also different tension, I am little concerned to tighten the hair too much for not breaking the tip!!!! so far it is holding well, and as you told me loosen it completely before packing it at the end of the day.

Next weekend I am playing Concertmaster to the Nutcracker I will show it to my colleagues.


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