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Tonal Enhancement for Guitars

Classical guitars using nylon or gut strings and played with the fingers rather than a pick are ever-popular musical instruments. Although primarily associated with classical and flamenco music, they are used in many other genres.

Dr. Peter Zaret’s Tonal Enhancement is an inexpensive addition to classical guitar designs to produce a louder, deeper, richer sound evenly at all frequencies. The diagrams below show an example of the invention but it is just an example and while it is similar to the final installation, it is not identical.

Customer Review of Guitar Tonal Enhancement

"Thank you for making me a part of your remarkable and astonishing transformation on making your guitars: louder and more balanced as well as being close to true great world class guitars of which I owned, and played, for many years. My Hauser and my Raya-Pardo were perhaps the most known guitars. Your “enhanced” system demonstrated that you can approximate those great guitars with vastly cheaper models, and bring them up to a standard worthy of the Master builders! Thank you!" ~ Andrej Mentschukoff – World Class Concert Guitarist, Former Pupil of Andre Segovia