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Zarelon™ Bows For Sale

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Try our high-quality carbon fiber bows with Zarelon™ bow hair! Available for violins, violas, cellos, and acoustic basses.

We offer FREE SHIPPING for all customers in the continental United States. Choose from 8 different colors of Zarelon™ bow hair.

Key Benefits of Zarelon™ Acoustic Bow Hair

  • May never need to be rehaired!
  • Better grip for a bigger sound
  • No stretching or breaking
  • Unaffected by moisture, humidity, and temperature
  • Won't expand in the summer or contract in the winter
  • Easier playing
  • Does not oxidize or attract finger oil
  • Better consistency
  • Rehairs the same as horsehair
  • Takes rosin easier than horsehair
  • Impervious to insects

Watch One of Our Team Members Perform Using a Zarelon™ Bow


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