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Violin with Bass Bar Testimonial

Drove 2.5 hours to have my violin worked on. When Peter heard I had driven all that way, he said he would work on it that day to save me from driving back and forth!

One of the nicest luthiers you will ever meet. He took the time to find out what I wanted done to my violin, explain what he was going to do and what the cost would be.

I ended up playing a violin that he made with his bass bar invention installed, I bought it on the spot!! This man is genius!!

Sounds from his violin were better then some that cost 10,000x more then the price he was charging for his violin. Someday his violins will be famous. It takes my breath away every time I play it.

If you're looking for a luthier to work on your violin or looking to buy, you have found the right place at the right price.

Roger C.