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Customer Letter: Larry

Dear Dr. Zaret,

Just a note of thanks for the violin exchange this past weekend. It has made a significant difference to my playing already as I have not had to use my mute and I can clearly tell when I am playing quality notes and songs do sound better. The violin with the tonal enhancement does have a more vibrant sound but I am not at the level where the “sizzle” is not a distraction.

I am glad we did not modify the bridge. Less curve is a slight adjustment but each time I play there is less of an issue. Besides, it is now easier to play two strings.

The Galamian book is great and I have already made a couple of common sense changes that will be helpful and I am just starting the chapter on the left hand. I wish I had known about this book when I started lessons a year and a half ago. So far I have found it to be well written and a must read.

Your shop is not just a store. Every time I have been there I have learned something from you and your employees and that is what makes Zaret a destination for both quality products and services. This virus has been difficult for everyone and since the beginning of March I have had to self-teach. Fortunately I took accordion lessons for 9 years as a youth and I understand the process and have lots of patience. I am looking forward to lessons with my teacher, Nancy Perillo, who can help clean up what I have done on my own.

Thanks once again to you and your professional staff!!

Larry Spilar - Mentor, Ohio