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What do I do about open seams and cracks?

Open seams and cracks are extremely bad for both the health of the violin and its tone. It is not advisable for the typical player to attempt to close a seam. It is an absolute no no to try to fix a crack. Extremes of weather can cause seams to open and cracks to develop. When this happens take the violin to a good repair person. The longer the repair is delayed the worse the situation can become. Both the seam and crack can easily spread. The violin can twist and turn making a minor crack or seam repair into a major one. In the case of an open seam, if not taken care of quickly, the seam can cause a crack which is far worse for the health of the violin.

Don’t rub your fingers or hand on a crack as it will put both dirt, salt and oils from your skin into the crack making it harder to repair and disguise for the repair person. Each crack will have a negative effect on the value of the violin.