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Andres Eastman Special Model 805 7/8

Qian Ni, an accomplished musician in his own right, founded Andreas Eastman in 1992 and has since seen the company grow to a global instrument supplier from their workshop in the outskirts of Beijing, China. Andreas Eastman instruments continue the time-honored tradition and skilled craftsmanship of luthiers from late 19th century European workshops. Their gifted craftspeople use traditional tools to create modern instruments, and players benefit from new innovations that expand the instruments' range while increasing playability. Eastman violins, violas, basses, and cellos are sought after for their superior stability and strength. They are quality pieces that are handmade yet affordable.

Eastman Music Company instruments boast a beautiful aesthetic, with each one being crafted from select aged spruce and maple and finished with a hand-applied, antique-style varnish. This double bass is an excellent example of their acclaimed craftsmanship, featuring a warm sound and a complex, powerful, well-balanced tone.


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