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Charles Collin-Mezin Violin 1893

Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mézin (b.1841, d.1923) studied to become a luthier with his father, C.L. Collin, in Mirecourt, France. He was born into a veritable dynasty of well-known violin makers and both his son and grandson continued the family tradition. Collin-Mézin established his own workshop in Paris in 1867 and went on to win several World's Fair awards. His workshop incorporated influences from the styles of Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati. Collin-Mézin's son continued the family tradition, making violins, violas, cellos, basses, and bows, and eventually developing his own signature style. He moved the family workshop back to Mirecourt, and in 1934, the business was ultimately passed to Colin-Mézin's grandson, who also went on to craft exceptional instruments.

It has been said that Collin-Mézin's instruments demonstrated an initial harshness that was worn away after years of steady playing. Extant instruments have had their exercise and demonstrate the very best in vibrancy and flexibility. This Collin-Mézin violin is crafted from fine-grained spruce and distinctly flamed maple whose patterning is accentuated by the warm golden hues of its antiqued red-orange varnish. It has a velvety, sweet, well-balanced tone, depth of bass and strong projection that are ideal for soloists.

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