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D.A. Stadlmann Violin, c.1747

The Stadlmann family was a famous Viennese house of luthiers. Michael Ingatius (b.1756, d.1813) and his grandfather Daniel Achatius (b.1680, d.1744) are two well-known Stadlmanns. Daniel Achatius founded the family’s trade legacy and is considered to be the best Viennese maker of his generation. Subsequent work from the family bears his name. Much like his father and grandfather before him, Michael Ingatius took up the craft and often incorporated Italian characteristics in his work, stemming from Austria’s proximity to the country. Because of their family ties, the Stadlmanns always had access to the finest, first-choice materials.

This violin is in superb condition, being very well made by Michael Ingatius Stadlmann. The varnish used is a dark reddish-brown and the violin boasts a strong and powerful tone. Stadlmann’s model has terrific carrying power and though it is an older violin, it is correctly proportioned and structurally strong. This instrument is ideal for students, professionals, and collectors alike.

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