E. Martin Violin, Germany, Stradivarius Model ca. 1890 Handwritten Label

An E. Martin violin with "Stradivarius" handwritten on the label.  It a has beautiful highly flamed two piece back, and matching sides and scroll with a powerful, rich tone.  This violin has Perfection Pegs installed allowing for easy, precise tuning. 

Wilhelm Ernst Martin (b.1862, d.1907) — also referenced as E. Martin — studied under E. Glaesel and worked in Markneukirchen, Germany. Aided by sons Ernst Otto and Max Alfred, Martin specialized in building replicas of Lupot, Arnati, and Stradivarius models, crafting violins in the Cremonese style. Most of Martin's pieces were exported to the United States by C. Bruno & Sons in New York. Martin's sons carried on the Luthier business for some time after his death.

Wilhelm Ernst Martin violins were hand build using high-quality spruce and maple. This antique piece has survived for over a century and still plays beautifully with warm, precise tones and a mature, full sound.


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