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Emil Hermann Violin, c.1950, 1/2 size

Emil Hermann (b.1888, d.1968) was born into a luthier family in Berlin, Germany. After having lived and worked in Germany for some years he moved to the United States and opened a workshop in New York. Hermann was able to acquire the finest German-made violins for sale in his shop and he gained a reputation as a violin expert and one of the most important dealers in rare violins of his time. Hermann went on to train other influential figures in the violin trade, including Simone Sacconi, Mario Frosali, and Hans Weisshaar. Hermann also owned an estate called Fiddledale, in Easton, Connecticut, where he welcomed prospective customers and encouraged them to try out violins from his collection.

This Hermann violin is a lovely piece, with a rich, deep, brown-red varnish that highlights the natural patterning evident in the spruce and flamed maple tonewoods. It is a quality instrument that achieves an exceptionally full and powerful tone, perfect for any discriminating player.


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