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Finkel Violin Bow (Whalebone)

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This is an excellent bow from the shop of Finkel.

Currently "Shop of Finkel"

Johannes S. Finkel (b.1947) was born in Markneukirchen, Germany to well-known bass bow maker Siegfried Finkel. The family moved to Brienz, Switzerland and at 17 years of age, Finkel began an apprenticeship with his father, becoming the fourth generation in the Finkel & Weidhaas bowmaking family. Finkel worked in London for some years at J. & A Beare, and also did work for Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles and with William Moennig & Son in Philadelphia. He eventually came back to the family business and in 1984 Finkel took over his father's workshop.

Finkel's bows are known for their superb playing properties and are crafted with the finest pernambuco, German silver wrap, ebony frog, leather grip, and silver or bone tip plate. Their large, clear, radiant sound is accented by an inherently warm character, reflecting the very best in workmanship. Finkel violin bows are beautiful, high-quality, well-balanced sticks and are sought after by discerning players the world over.

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