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G.A. Pfretzschner Violin Bow

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The Pfretzschner family were well-known as instrument dealers as well as being producers of fine-quality German bows, violins, and other string instruments. They worked and lived in Markneukirchen from the fifteenth century onward, and the family actively produced until 1977. Carl Friedrich, Johann Gottlob, Johann Carl, Elias, Carl Gustav Adolph (b.1805, d.1883), and Hermann Richard were among the more famous members of the family. Carl Gustav founded the G.A. Pfretzschner workshop in 1834 and it grew to become a famous Vogtland instrument dealer and producer. Pfretzschner bows achieved international recognition, with the name representing a solid sound and time-honored tradition.

Pfretzschner pieces generally hold their original stamp and were sold internationally from offices in Goteborg, Hamburg, London, New York, and Paris. This quality bow is crafted from the finest pernambuco, eyeless ebony frog, and classic bone, silver, and leather components. It is perfectly balanced and boasts solid craftsmanship, achieving a dark, round, full sound. Any discerning musician will enjoy the life that a Pfretzschner bow can lend to their playing.

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