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George Ullman 1921 Viola 16.5″

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Georg Ullman (b.1879, d.1946) trained in Markneukirchen, Germany, at the workshop of well-known luthier Ernst Reinhold Schmidt. Ullman went on to work in various cities across western Europe including Berlin, Prague, and Venice. He is thought to have worked with various masters in these famous cities, including Kurth and Möckel, Karel Boromäus Dvorak, and Eugenio Degani, before opening his own business in 1901 in Milan, Italy. Ullman there produced instruments for the Milan Conservatory, among others. He eventually settled in Zurich, Switzerland and is regarded as one of the leading makers at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Ullmann’s instruments are known for their stability, strength, and lyrical qualities. This viola is no exception. It is a fine old Italian piece crafted from fine spruce and vibrant flamed maple, both of which are enhanced by the clear, golden varnish used in production. The reddish-amber hue shows up the flaming very nicely. This viola sings in a clear, balanced voice that will complement any player’s repertoire.


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